Frequently Asked

What/Who is an American?

When you say, 'I am an American,' what does that mean? It doesn’t mean that they’re black or white, rich or poor, Christian, Muslim, Jew or gentile, nor man or woman. It means that you buy into an ideal of self-representation, compassion, tolerance, and the ability to practice one’s beliefs; to live a life free of oppression and discrimination due to one's race, color, creed, gender or financial status and without interference, and with the acceptance of those who are different. Being an American is a mindset. Americans desire those inalienable rights espoused and guaranteed in the Constitution.

Is there a difference between being a U.S. Citizen and being an American?

All U.S. citizen are Americans but not all Americans are U.S. Citizens. We would note though many non-citizens are more law abiding and caring and have the mindset of what it means to be an American. Many citizens abuse their birthright.

What are we trying to accomplish?

We are trying to end the cultural shame, race shame, gender shame, spirituality shame, all around shaming; trying to educate, to have a conversation. We are more alike than we are different - learning to celebrate our differences while appreciating our oneness. 

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