Enjoy articles from Time and Smithsonian from the last 30 days.

Finding Love in the Shadow of War

From Nabokov to Arendt to Dietrich, a vivid new book captures the love affairs of the greatest creative forces of the 1930s.

Why We Can’t Get Over the Roman Empire

A historian on how Roman Empire offers a distorted view of America.

How Mormonism Went Mainstream

Benjamin E. Park explores what the rise of Mormonism reveals about America.

We Must Win the Race to Net Zero

The U.N.’s most recent progress assessment is unequivocal: The world is not on track.

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A U.S.-Saudi Defense Pact Is a Terrible Idea

The Biden Administration wants a Saudi-Israel normalization deal but would pay a steep price for it.

The U.S. Keeps Failing Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh

The Biden Administration should change course and make clear that Azerbaijan’s aggression will not be tolerated.

What Happens When Tech Bros Run National Security

Putting U.S. tech companies in charge of national security is a very risky bet.

What Psychedelics Can Teach Us About Play

Psychedelics, while not magic bullets, hold great magic. One of them is to invoke our ability to play, writes Ross Ellenhorn.

What the Rest of America Can Learn From Illinois on Criminal Justice Reform

‘Every day, in courthouses across the United States, the type of justice you get depends on how much money you have,’ writes David Gasper.

Internalized Racism Almost Kept Me From Becoming a Mother

‘For me, the fear of motherhood was inextricably tied to race,’ writes Debora Kuan.

The Case for Mediocrity

Why “good enough” really is good enough.

How to Avoid the Tripledemic of Respiratory Diseases This Winter

The U.S. will face RSV, flu, and COVID-19 this winter, but we have the tools to beat them

These 15 Photos Explore the Diversity and Rich Culture of Latino Americans

For Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs through October 15, enjoy these highlights from the Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest

How to Stop Doomscrolling and Find Meaning on Social Media

Can we approach our news intake more intentionally in order to better protect ourselves online, ask Alexa Koenig and Andrea Lampros.

It’s Rosh Hashanah. Give Yourself a Rest From Worrying

‘We can’t let security overwhelm the free and full expression of our religious rites,’ writes Rabbi Diana Fersko.

We Can Prevent AI Disaster Like We Prevented Nuclear Catastrophe

Averting existential risk from AGI is daunting, and leaving this challenge to private companies is a dangerous gamble.

Where a Remote Employee Lives Shouldn’t Affect Their Pay

Remote work is here to stay and that means companies need to rethink how they pay employees

The Air Was Hot This Year, But It’s Nothing Compared to the Ocean

‘Our fate is intimately tied to the fate of our warming oceans,’ write Stephen Porder and Baylor Fox-Kemper

Iranian Women Are Still Fighting

One year after Mahsa Jina Amini died in the custody of the “morality police,” Iranian women remain at the front of a simmering revolt

The Back-to-School Horror for Ukraine’s Children

Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine has impacted millions of people, not least children.

4 Ways to Help Your Child Adapt to Life’s Rapid Changes

‘Perhaps the word “maybe” should be our new parenting mantra,’ write Heather Tedesco, Jennifer Weaver, and Catherine McCarthy.

Why It Takes Forever to Get a Doctor’s Appointment

Doctors are working harder and longer, all while patients can access them less.

Finding Power in My Panic Attacks

“There was nothing specific that brought on this particular panic—and that’s what is often so terrorizing about them,” writes Matt Gutman.

Mahsa Amini’s Death Still Haunts the Iranian Regime

The regime has proved too ruthless to collapse, but thousands of Iranian women defy compulsory hijab rules daily.

Doctors Don’t Know How to Talk About Down Syndrome

A new study sheds light on the role of bias in prenatal diagnoses.

The Legacy of the Post-9/11 Veterans

Post 9/11 veterans do not share a single war. It is a generation in an identity crisis.

The Man Who Wants to Defend India From Modi

PTR’s performance as Tamil Nadu’s finance minister earned him a national profile. Now he is on a new mission.

U.N. Climate Warning Also Comes With Clear Steps To Cut Emissions

Humanity is failing to meet global climate goals. The good news is we know how to correct course.

The U.S. and Russia Need to Cooperate to End This Conflict

An enduring solution to the wider Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict can only happen if Washington and Moscow work together.

‘Climate-Friendly’ Meat Is a Myth

Tyson’s USDA-endorsed “climate-friendly” beef may be more greenwashing than planet-saving solution.

Why You Should Cultivate a Fluid Sense of Self

The key to navigating change in life is to have a diversified sense of self.

The Revolutionary Influence of the First English Children’s Novel

“The History of Little Goody Two-Shoes” told the tale of a bold heroine who forged her own path

The Quest to Save the World’s Most Coveted Chocolate

For these ambitious scientists in the rainforests of Ecuador, helping the environment has never tasted so sweet

Celebrating a Hidden Artistic Visionary of the American West

Charlotte Butler Skinner spent decades chronicling glorious mountains and deserts, in the company of Dorothea Lange and other influential friends

The Nectar of the Gods Is Coming to a Bar Near You

How mead, one of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverages, could become the drink of the future

What Made Bob Barker the Perfect Host for 'The Price Is Right'

The television personality, who died last week at 99, was part of a match that made game show history

Amid the Horrors of the Holocaust, Jewish Musicians Composed Songs of Survival

At the Terezin concentration camp, some of Europe’s top artists found solace in creating new work. Today one musician is determined to give them an encore

These 15 Photos Capture the Joy of the Fair

It’s fair to say these highlights from the Smithsonian Magazine Photo Contest are worth a trip down the midway

Why the Ken Doll Will Never Truly Emerge From Barbie’s Shadow

The blockbuster film sparks a podcast discussion about why Ken can’t possibly be (k)enough

The Most Surprising Carnival Treat Might Just Be Pickle on a Stick

Pickles are having a moment, even at small-town fairs, where vendors are serving them up like popsicles