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Why the Idea of a ‘Normal’ Body Is So Insidious

‘My mother always said her butt was too big. I often say the same thing. But ‘too big’ compared to what?’

In Paris, Thomas Jefferson Revealed His Real Beliefs About Slavery

Thomas Jefferson met with leading Enlightenment thinkers and translated their books but he couldn’t ultimately embrace their views on slavery

Why It’s Vital to Center Kurdish Voices in the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ Movement

It’s vital to center Jina Mahsa Amini’s Kurdish identity in the feminist movement in Iran.

The Ten Best Photography Books of 2022

Our favorite titles this year invite viewers to worlds outside their own

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Life Expectancy Provides Evidence of How Far Black Americans Have Come

Brookings scholar Andre M. Perry explores how life expectancy and progress for Black Americans are directly linked.

The Ten Best Books About Food of 2022

From cookbooks to memoirs to food history, these ten titles will fill you up

The U.S. Should Continue Supporting Ukraine—Americans Want To

The Ukraine war will turn on the West’s willingness to continue supporting Ukraine and on the fortitude of Ukrainians themselves

Don’t Let FTX Executives Off the Hook Like Bankers in 2008

More regulation isn’t enough to fix the crypto space after the collapse of FTX, prosecutors need to get involved

How To Create a Sense of Belonging In a Divided America

1 in 5 Americans suffers from chronic loneliness. Here’s how we can build a society that is more inclusive and nurturing

The FBI Wasn’t Supposed to Be Political—But It Has Been Since the Beginning

Since the FBI’s founding, presidents from FDR to Nixon wrestled with its director J. Edgar Hoover over political independence

What Climate Change Is Already Doing to Children’s Brains

The effect climate change is having on children’s mental health and brain development must be addressed, writes Frederica Perera.

Plenty of Voters Care About Democracy. It’s Still Probably Not Enough.

Few election deniers won in the midterms, but they came close and and it took a lot of money and effort to stop them. That’s worrying

What Monica Roberts Gave the Trans Community

The best way to honor her legacy is by documenting, amplifying, and paying attention to the attacks trans people are facing

We Need to Bring Sexual Health Care to Places Where People Have Sex

The decline of monkeypox in NYC proves that sexual healthcare needs brought to where people have sex, write Joe Osmundson, Adam Baran, and Ted Long.

Twitter Is Collapsing, and Nothing Can Replace It

Under Elon Musk the Twitter that so many people depend on may collapse. Roger McNamee on what comes next

The Climate Challenge of the World’s Population Hitting 8 Billion

“Population growth is the elephant in the room for climate change,” writes Eugene Linden.

Trump’s Presidential Run Shouldn’t Deter Merrick Garland

What happens now to the federal investigations into Trump’s conduct, asks Barbara McQuade

Big Tech’s Implosion Could Save the Planet

Layoffs have rippled through Silicon Valley—but it may be a good thing for the climate. We need that talent to help build a green economy.

Voters Understand the Truth About Pregnancy Decisions. What Happened in Montana Proves It

Montana’s “born alive” ballot showed the sinister nature of anti-abortion deception. Voters saw right through it.

Yes, Tech Can Be Toxic. A Whale Showed Me Otherwise.

After my near-death experience with a whale, citizen scientists analyzed the viral video. Thank you, internet.

The Only Way the U.S. Can Win the Tech War with China

The tech war between China and the U.S. over advanced semiconductors is rapidly heating up, but the U.S. needs allies to win

Healthy Biodiversity Is The Reason To Fight Climate Change

“We have over-simplified our planet. For a sustainable future, we need to bring back bio-complexity,” writes Thomas Crowther.

What Republicans Should Do With Their Slim House Majority

Mandate thinking can be dangerous—the GOP should represent their voters’ concerns, rather than only an anti-Biden agenda

Throwing Soup at Art Shifted People’s Views of Climate Protests—But Maybe Not In The Right Way

A new survey shows more people were put off the climate movement than swayed to it when activists ostensibly defaced a Van Gogh painting.

Pakistan’s Poisonous Politics

After the assassination attempt on Imran Khan, Pakistan’s tense politics are certain to only get worse

The 2024 Presidential Election? Democrats Have Already Won

The 1912 election bears a striking resemblance to the 2024 election. That’s good news for the Democrats

Michelle Obama: Yes, We Still Need to ‘Go High’ When Everything Is Terrible

‘It is a form of self-control, a line laid between our best and worst impulses,’ Obama writes

Global Population Size Should Not Be Cause For Alarm, But a Rally Cry For Change

UNFPA Executive Director Natalia Kanem argues that looking exclusively at population numbers comes with great dangers.

Why Masks Still Matter

Masks work against not only COVID-19 but also the flu, RSV, and other respiratory viruses. We should still be using them

Why White Christian Nationalism Isn’t Going Away

Even after the Republican’s midterm results, Christian nationalists will remain a force in American politics

Parenting Twitter Got Me Through New Motherhood. It May Not Survive Elon Musk

It may not survive Elon Musk

The Democrats Need More John Fettermans

“To ensure a strong future for the party, Democrats must expand their models of political manhood,” write Amanda Jayne Miller and Edward O. Frantz.

Carpaccio Created the Graphic Novels of the Renaissance

A new exhibition at the National Gallery of Art puts the spotlight on the seldom seen contemporary of Michelangelo

The Artwork That Took 30 Years and 200 Acres to Create

Renowned artist Anselm Kiefer goes big with his massive installation in southern France

The Blue That Enchanted the World

Indigo is growing again in South Carolina, revived by artisans and farmers with a modern take on a forgotten history

A Pilgrimage to Honor a Blues Legend

With a mysterious memento from long ago in hand, a devoted fan of the blues artist Mississippi John Hurt returns to the Delta

What Does It Mean to Be a Witch Today?

A new exhibition on the Salem witch trials explores how the meaning of the word “witch” has evolved through the centuries

Ada Limón Is a Poet Laureate for the 21st Century

Her work explores “what it looks like to have America in the room”

How Artist Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga Connects the Past and the Present

In bold, symbolic canvasses, the painter was inspired by a broken iPhone

How Preservation Hall Has Kept New Orleans' Iconic Jazz Alive

The plucky institution staged a brassy comeback for America’s signature music