Enjoy articles from Time and Smithsonian from the last 30 days.

Long Before Jazz, Frank Johnson Was Playing the Hottest Music in America

The innovations of a forgotten genius who laid the groundwork for the nation’s signature music

Prisons Use Menstruation as a Form of Punishment

For many people in women’s jails and prisons, a huge concern is monthly periods, write Victoria Law and Rachel Kauder Nalebuff.

We Need to Take Climate Injustice to Court

The United Nations will vote this week on whether the International Court of Justice should recognize climate change as a human rights issue.

Does Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Directly Harm Patients?

Pharmaceutical companies spent more money on DTC advertising when medical research found that the drug was less effective

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No One Is Talking About What Ron DeSantis Has Actually Done to Florida

“Under DeSantis’s watch, the Sunshine State has not exactly been a workers’ paradise,” writes William Kleinknecht.

India Turned a Manhunt Into Mass Repression. The Media Is Failing to Tell the Right Story

India’s hunt for Sikh activist Amritpal Singh has upended basic human rights

Just say NO and Veto Putin From Taking Over U.N. Security Council

The U.S. must use its influence to block Russian President Vladimir Putin’s crony from taking power at the U.N. Security Council

Announcing the Winners of Smithsonian Magazine’s 20th Annual Photo Contest

From Norway to Nepal, this year’s winning images span the globe to capture the extraordinary

Ukraine Can Only Win if the U.S. Delivers More Weapons Faster

The U.S. has consistently been two to three months behind the Ukrainians in their requests for critical military aid. That must change

The Physical Toll Systemic Injustice Takes On the Body

Chronic stress from oppression can literally kill us—a condition known as “weathering.”

The Person I Became After My Father’s Death

An excerpt from Nicole Chung’s new memoir A Living Remedy

ChatGPT Is the Wake-Up Call Schools Need to Limit Tech in Classrooms

ChatGPT is just the newest in a line of technologies that destabilize how and what our children learn in school.

How Biden Can Fight Abuses of Power to Save Democracy

Fighting impunity is the only way to save democracy. Biden must make this his rallying cry, writes David Miliband.

Your Struggle Is Your Superpower

The struggle isn’t just necessary; in virtually every arena of transformation, it’s the key to finding a solution.

Women Drive Wealth. So Why Is Equity Still Inequitable?

Money is being left on the table when women founders are overlooked. We need to change that.

Israelis Are Taking to the Streets Because Our House Is on Fire

It was a frightening night, knowing how delicate the line is between protest and chaos. And yet, at the same time, it was one of the most beautiful nights in the history of this country.

The Fed’s Obsession with Phantom Inflation Might Destroy a Strong Economy

The Fed is still fighting last year’s war against inflation. It needs to pivot fast

What Big Shifts in East Asian Geopolitics Mean for the World

What Xi’s Russia visit and South Korea and Japan’s rapprochement means for the changing geopolitical landscape

What Nine Months Means to a Pregnant Person

It has now been nine months since we could provide abortions in the state of Alabama

Israel Is Wandering in the Desert, a Constitution Is Our Path Home

Israel teeters on the edge of the abyss

If Banks Want More Deposit Insurance, They Should Pay for It

Significantly enhanced or unlimited deposit insurance would be a major gift to privately run banking institutions.

Holding World Leaders Like Trump Accountable Is Democratic

Allowing world leaders, like Donald Trump, to evade investigation because they’re politically powerful is undemocratic, writes Rob Maguire.

Netanyahu Has Made Israel a U.S. Adversary

From China to Putin’s war in Ukraine, Israel has pursued policies against American strategic interests

Finding Our Common Cause for America’s 250th Birthday

As we plan for the commemoration of our formation as a nation, we must never confuse nostalgia with real history

You Just Don’t Silence a Drag Queen

For all its glamour and fantasy, drag is a political statement, too, writes Craig Seligman.

The  Next U.S. Presidential Election will be a Battle Over Pandemic Memory

The 2024 political campaign will be about how we remember the pandemic

How Iran Won the Iraq War

Invading Iraq in 2003 was strategic folly

Ozempic Exposed the Cracks in the Body Positivity Movement

Catherine Mhloyi unpacks our willingness to make a potentially life-saving medication scarce in the name of self-love.

The Correct Conservative Approach to Ukraine Shifts the Focus to China

A conservative approach to U.S. foreign policy means focusing on China

Lessons From The New U.N. Climate Report on How to Course Correct

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Simon Stiell on what we can learn from the latest IPCC report on how to solve climate change in the coming years.

Florida Politicians Want Less Talk About Periods. We Need More of It

Menstrual literacy has life-saving impacts, writes Jennifer Weiss-Wolf.

An Insider’s Perspective on China’s Strategy in Ukraine

Russia cannot win, says former Chinese defense official

Photographer Evelyn Hofer’s Timeless Portraits Get a Second Look

Taken a half-century ago, her images strike a contemporary pose

S.E. Hinton Is Tired of Talking About 'The Outsiders.' No One Else Is

The author reflects on her classic 1967 novel, its 1983 film adaptation and its legacy today

William H. Johnson’s Art Was for His People

The painter’s entire “Fighters for Freedom” series is now on view for the first time in more than 75 years

How Marian Anderson Took the World by Storm

Her mighty contralto propelled her across color lines

The Top Ten Works Entering the Public Domain on January 1

The latest additions are a rich trove of books, films, songs and other works from 1927

The Best Board Games of 2022

Players of all ages will have to make room in their closets for these selections

The Ten Best Children's Books of 2022

This year’s top titles include a fairy-tale remake, a clever counting book and a survey of architectural wonders the world over

The Best Books of 2022

In our efforts to increase and diffuse knowledge, we highly recommend these 30 titles this year